Top 5 Qualities Shenzhen Women Look for in a Man

Learn here the qualities of an ideal partner for Shenzhen women.

Shenzhen women are one of the most sought-after brides by foreign men across the globe. Learn here the qualities that will likely have you winning her heart.

               Top 5 Qualities Shenzhen Women Look for in a Man

Do you want to date Shenzhen women but just don’t know if you fit their definition of the ideal man? Here, we will break down the qualities that these beautiful Chinese women look for in a partner.

What Shenzhen women want is a man of substance — nothing more, nothing less. They look past superficial qualities and put more value on character and integrity.

Due to their traditional inclination, Shenzhen women also look for men who share the same values as them. For discerning Shenzhen girls, race, age, material wealth, and physical attributes are non-factors in what they look for in a partner. In fact, the number of Chinese women who once dated or are currently dating older men from Western countries has increased in the past few years.

If you are an eligible bachelor who dreams of marrying a Chinese bride, below is a list of qualities that Shenzhen women look for in a partner. At the end of this blog, you can make a self-evaluation if you can be their ideal man:


1.Sense of Commitment

Shenzhen women are known to be passionate lovers. When they get into a relationship, they stay committed and faithful to their partners. Due to their traditional upbringing, Chinese women, in general, would never settle for casual hookups, which (understandably so) lead them to demand the same level of commitment from their boyfriends or husbands.

For these women, a man’s sense of commitment is very important because it would serve as a strong foundation for the relationship. It is a characteristic by which the virtues of respect and faithfulness are anchored.

2. Stability

Most Shenzhen women are well-educated and financially stable. They can support their personal needs and are very good at managing their finances. And since these women are independent and self-reliant, they also want a lifetime partner who can pull their own weight as well.

They see financial stability as a great indicator of a man’s ability to be a reliable provider for their family. You don’t have to be rich to impress Shenzhen girls, you just need to know how to work around with what you have.

3. Personality

Shenzhen women possess distinct endearing qualities that make them one of the most sought-after brides in the world. They are loyal and trustworthy, hence, they also want someone who can reciprocate their loyalty and trustworthiness.

Your personality can definitely make or break your chances of impressing Shenzhen girls. They want a man who can become a role model to her future children, therefore, you need to be at your absolute best when you date Shenzhen girls.

4. Maturity

Shenzhen women are easily attracted to mature men, which is why age is never an issue for them. They want a man who can make calculated moves and doesn’t just act on impulse and whim.

This is also due in large part to the patriarchal tendency of Chinese culture. Since they look to the man in the family to decide on important matters, having a mature partner could translate to decisions that will likely have a more favorable outcome.

5. Family Oriented

These women always put their families’ needs over their own. This selfless act of unconditional love is what makes Shenzhen women ideal lifetime partners. You can always count on them to be a nurturing and loving mother and a supportive wife.

Therefore, they also deserve a partner who shares the same mentality. A man whose dedication and commitment to their families will never waver.

Winning the heart of Shenzhen girls isn’t that much of an ordeal. The qualities that they look for in a man are something that can be developed over time. Although inherently possessing these characteristics will automatically catapult you to the top of the heap, you shouldn’t be disheartened either if you lack one or two of them. You just need to put in the work and show her that you’re genuinely interested to be better, not just for her, but most importantly, for yourself.

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How to Woo Chinese Girls in Shenzhen

One of the Chinese girls in Shenzhen laughing with a foreign man.

Chinese girls in Shenzhen are indeed in a league of their own. If you want to know how to woo these exquisite ladies, read our helpful tips here.

How to Woo Chinese Girls in Shenzhen

One of the Chinese girls in Shenzhen laughing with a foreign man.
Experience genuine affection in dating Chinese girls in Shenzhen.

Going out on a date with Chinese girls is far more different from dates with Western women. Aside from their demeanor, there’s also a significant disparity in the principles and beliefs of Chinese women from that of their Western counterparts. They also differ largely in culture and tradition, among many other things.

China’s rich heritage and culture enabled Chinese women to develop distinct characteristics that set them apart from other women in the world. Dating Chinese girls, particularly those from Shenzhen, takes more than just looks and smooth talk. Thus, we’ve prepared dating tips that will help you woo Chinese ladies from Shenzhen:

  • Learn the Culture

The very first thing that you should do when dating girls from Shenzhen is to learn about their dating culture. This will allow you to know the dos, don’ts and other customary dating practices of the city.

It’s no secret that dating culture varies from place to place. In some cities like Shenzhen, women pay homage to their centuries-old dating practices. Hence, it is imperative that you adapt your approach to their ways and standards.

  • Be Bold and Attentive

Most Chinese girls are shy and are used to men initiating the first move. So you should man up and take matters into your own hands. But just take it with a grain of salt because being bold comes with a few caveats. You don’t want to be too forward and aggressive with your approach nor merely rely on smooth-talking your way on a date with a Shenzhen girl.

Once you get Chinese girls to go out with you, avoid talking too much about yourself in an attempt to impress her. Rather, get her to talk about herself more so that you can get to know her on a more personal level.

  • Make Your Intentions Clear

When Chinese ladies date, they do so with the intent to marry, which is why they take dating seriously. Casual dating is normally frowned upon in Chinese culture.

It is perceived to be improper for these girls to have dated numerous men throughout her single life. As a result, Chinese women are very meticulous in choosing the man they date. They take their suitor’s purpose and intention for dating into serious consideration.

  • Mean What You Say

Stating your intentions would mean nothing if you don’t back it up with your actions. As the old saying goes, “action speak louder than words.” If you truly intend to marry her, don’t just tell her, show her and make her feel your sincerity.

  • Learn Her Language

Learning her language takes more than just speaking Mandarin or Cantonese. Much of what makes up Chinese dialects are non-verbal language.

Chinese girls are generally not that expressive with their words. However, they will show subtle cues of what she truly feels through her expressions and gestures. It is through their actions that they show their affection, thus, your ability to read between the lines will be an essential tool in winning the hearts of women from Shenzhen, China.

  • Win Her Family’s Approval

In Chinese culture, family always comes first. The values inculcated in the minds of Chinese girls from childhood have taught them to value family above all else. This is why if she tells you that she wants you to meet her parents, this only means that things are getting pretty serious between you two.

Be sure to make the best impression possible towards her family because winning their approval is very important. The best way to do so is to give them a present which is unique or somehow related to their hobbies and interests.

  • Avoid Public Displays of Affection

Although Shenzhen is a modern and highly industrialized city, most women here are very traditional. Unlike in Western countries where public displays of affection have become the norm, doing that in Shenzhen will certainly get you several raised eyebrows. So try to keep intimate moments in private.

Dating Chinese girls in Shenzhen is an adventure in itself. Their dating scene may totally be different from what you’re used to, but considering that you will get to date and potentially marry an extraordinary lady, it’s certainly worth giving a try.

These tips can only do so much in helping you win a Shenzhen woman’s heart. Your quest to find true love in Shenzhen still rests in your hands. Just always keep in mind that regardless of race, culture, and language, the best way to a woman’s heart is genuine and selfless love.

What To Look Forward to in Dating Chinese Girls

Chinese girls have quite the charm and qualities that any man would want. Find out what you should look forward to in a relationship with these Asian jades.


What To Expect in Dating Chinese Girls


It has become common nowadays for men to look for dating opportunities abroad. Widening these men’s choices internationally is one way to meet the woman who they believe is the perfect match for them.

One of the most sought-after brides across the globe are the undeniably attractive Chinese girls. It is because these ladies have more than just looks and charm up their sleeves. Their endearing personalities and exceptional characteristics make them ideal wives which is why a lot of men are willing to gamble just to have a shot at marrying a Chinese woman.

Winning the hearts of Chinese ladies will never be a walk in the park. But just like how the old saying goes — “nothing worth having comes easy”. The endearing qualities that Chinese girls possess make them worthy of going through the eye of the needle.

Here are some of the many things you could look forward to in dating a Chinese woman:

  • Traditional

Chinese girls are very traditional by nature, and they expect the same kind of reverence to their centuries-old traditions from their mates. As a man, you are expected to endure the tedious courtship stage in order to woo her. It is customary in Chinese dating culture for men to always make the first move and take the lead in the relationship.

Having been raised in a highly patriarchal society, it’s easy to confuse Chinese girls as submissive. But this misconceived connotation couldn’t be farther from the truth. Chinese people value gender roles in their society, thus they will expect you to act according to your role.

  • Natural Femininity

Chinese culture is very different from that of the Western world. For one, Chinese women, from a very young age are taught to be feminine, demure and conservative. With this comes a more gentle and sweet personality. These women are also known for their distinct fashion sense which exudes simplicity, gracefulness, and elegance.

The strict and orthodox way of parenting in the Chinese culture, shaped their women to be loving mothers and faithful wives. In fact, their traditional upbringing is meant to prepare Chinese women for this all too important role.

  • Wedding Bells

Yes, wedding bells! Dating a Chinese woman leaves no room for games and fooling around. These girls take their relationships seriously which is why they are very committed and passionate partners. As a result, Chinese ladies meticulously choose their partners.

Meanwhile, the Chinese dating culture is the primary reason why the hook-up culture in China is absent. When Chinese women enter a relationship, it only means that they have marriage in sight. If you don’t share that same goal, you might as well look elsewhere, but if you are trying to find someone to settle down with, a Chinese woman could be your best option.

  • Practicality

This is perhaps the most notable quality of Chinese girls. They know how to distinguish the needs and wants. These women know the true value of hard work, and because of this, they know how to handle their finances. They do not spend hard-earned money on unnecessary things.

Women in China get more attracted to men who are stable over those who only have good looks. They would prefer someone who is self-reliant and financially wise. It may sound stereotypical, but Chinese women are really good at thrift shopping and budgeting.

  • Family-oriented

When you date Chinese girls, expect that you will also have to get the approval of her entire clan. Chinese women normally look to their elders for blessings with regard to relationship matters.

This is just one of the concerns of the Chinese dating culture that you may encounter. It is just a minor hurdle that you need to go through in order to win the heart of one of the most beautiful women in the world.

It is not by mistake that China is considered the jade of the Asian continent. This moniker isn’t just a reflection of their gastronomic wonders and economic prowess but also of their colorful culture, wonderful people and stunning women.

Chinese girls are the embodiment of the ideal wife. Marry a Chinese woman who pays homage to their traditions and culture, who takes pride in their femininity and their corresponding roles in society, someone who respects the sanctity of marriage, a reliable partner in building a future, and a woman who always has room in her heart for family.